Babuji Ek Ticket Bambai – First look poster

The film “Babuji ek ticket Bambai” is an attempt to draw the focus on how a dying scared culture deprived of support from the various sections can metamorphize into current corrupt form. “RAI” indigenous to the natives of Bedhaiya community found the Bundelkhand regions of M.P. and U.P. Their culture is all about singing and dancing to celebrate and is considered divine as it enjoys religious sanctity. Here the females used to sing and dance while the male counterparts used to accompany them to the mela’s or grounds and would play musical instruments besides protecting them.  Nowadays this culture is looked down upon and has lost its sheen because of the association of flesh trade with this community.

babauji ticket

The film is all set to release worldwide on 10th June 2016.

The dreadful and heart wrenching realties and facts give a new impetus and lease of life to the already ongoing debate that:

Should prostitution be legalised?

Should euthanasia be legalised?

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