CHALU DYA TUMCHA Releasing on 15th December 2017

We often have been hearing that instead of crying hoarse over a sad incident, we should look at it with a tinge of happiness to make life easier to live. To lead a happy life, nothing works as a tonic than laughter. Since this tonic is available to the masses only through films, the craze for comedies does not abate at all. Blue Vision Entertainment has now come up with the film Chalu Dya Tumcha which is nothing but tonic to lead a happy life.

Pravin Madhukar Tawde, Vishal Vasant Vahurwagh and Amol Vasu have produced the film while Rajesh Balkrishna Jadhav has directed it.

Comedy films in Marathi are always considered to be the ‘Tonic’ for the audience, who prefer entertainment, entertainment and only entertainment. Over the years, this formula has never failed, provided there is right treatment given in the screenplay. Now, director Rajesh Balkrishna Jadhav promises one such comedy film ‘Chalu Dya Tumcha‘ , which is produced by Pravin Madhukar Tayde, Vishal Vasant Vahurwagh and Amol Vasu.

There are four songs of different styles in ‘Chalu Dya Tumcha‘ film, composed by music directors Madhu Bhosale & Anurag-Chinmay. According to the makers of this film, they have presented a story to inspire the audience to look at life with a positive attitude. The director of the film has himself written the story and screenplay of ‘Chalu Dya Tumcha‘ film, while Sambhaji Sawant has written the dialogues. The distribution is done by Rich Juniors Entertainment and marketing by Media Magic.

The movie is to be released on 15th December 2017 all over India .

So be ready for it and till then CHALU DYA TUMCHA……

The cast is as follows :-

Milind Gunaji, Vijay Kadam, Sandeep Phatak,  Vijay Patkar, Nisha Parulekar, Megha Ghadge, Meera joshi , Umesh Mitkari, Dipjyoti Naik, Sudhir Sinha,

———-Karan Agrawal (zok events)

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