Free medical check-up camp held in Hansi

On the occasion of Krishna Chandra seventh death anniversary, Savitri Devi Krishna Chandra Foundation, Hansi  in collaboration with Medanta The Medicity Hospital and Sarbat Da Bhala recently conducted a free Medical Checkups Camp in conjunction with the blood donation camp. Even after decades of freedom, India is struggling to provide basic health services to its people, Savitri Devi Krishna Chandra Foundation brings medical assistance to these under-resourced populations through medical camps. The purpose of organizing the camp was to make the people aware of their health because Savitri Devi died due to cancer in early age. A team of a well-known eye specialist, physicians, dentist, dermatologist and general practice doctors attended the camp. The doctors examined each patient one by one, diagnosing all weaknesses and illnesses. They checked the eyes, lungs, the functioning of the heart and other parts of the body. President Seema Bhardwaj has organized health camps extensively across the country offering comprehensive health services, She said, ‘ Healthy people can build a strong society, the situation calls for timely care and diagnosis which can reduce the incidence of morbidity and mortality especially among children and women. We visited all the doctors beforehand to give them an idea of village poverty and what they were going to face’. A total of 500 people benefited that day from free medical consultations and medicines. The foundation is supplying free drinking water throughout the year in the local area. Foundation supplies 40-50 thousand litre water every day. Sufficient supply for basic needs for each and every person throughout the camp, including in school and health units. Foundation is not taking any donation from anybody for all these works. Foundation is giving free ambulance service to poor peoples 24 hours service like Mobile Clinic with state-or-art equipment to provide concessional/free treatment to people

Many specialist doctors from various fields responded to this medical camp.

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They examined patients, men, women, and children, who were examined for free. Many also received free medicine and complicated cases will be operated on completely free of charge. The Eye operations will be carried out in hospitals free of charge.

The camp was led by Dushyant Chautala, Ashok Kanojiya, Surender Sharma, Sanjay Sharma and much more. Residents of Hansi and the surrounding villages of has underwent treatment at the camp. Problems were diagnosed and free medicines, wheelchairs, Glasses and hearing aids were distributed among patients.

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