Gst affect is being shown in bollywood as well.Sarika S. Sanjot

Last 6 months India has seen gst being launched which has effected every other field and talking about bollywood it has greatly afftected it.

Last few weeks back released film in south starting south super star Vijay has got much hype regarding his controversial long GST dialouge which directly affected the film business garnering a whooping 200 crores on the box office.

Sarita S Sanjot the producer of the film said that the poster of the film is slight different from others .Here in context to the film gst means galti sirf tumhari. .

Film is considered to be entertainment and a message giving film .The music of the film is a pluse point given by Sahil Rayyan .

Sarika is very confident about the film and she said that the director of the film is Suryakant Tyagi has done full justice to the script .

This film will be released all over India on 17 November by Big Curtains Shakeel Hashmi.

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