Mr. Arvind Malkhede (I.R.T.S, Govt. Of India) inaugurated the INDIA’S MOST TRUSTED BRAND AWARDS ceremony 2016. Mr. Arvind Malkhede honoured all awardees with the Trophies and Mr. Hemant Kaushik (CEO) IBC INFOMEDIA (A Division of International Brand Consulting Corporation, New Jersey , USA) honoured all awardees with the certificates. 
Mr Hemant Kaushik, President of INDIA’S MOST TRUSTED BRAND AWARDS Council was very happy about the successful completion of the event. Mr Kaushik said the INDIA’S MOST TRUSTED BRAND AWARDS 2016 platform salutes all the selected Top 50 Brands of India and the event has proved to be the most radiant platform which showcased most distinguished personalities and brands of India. “Today’s evening has been all about brand leadership, entrepreneurship and inspiration. Every business leader wants to grow his brand and INDIA’S MOST TRUSTED BRAND AWARDS 2016 is that platform which is a new dimension in the way they want to grow.” He further added. 

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He said, “Today’s day was magical. It is truly a proud moment for selected Top Indian Brands as Brands and leaders got a national platform to showcase their strength and brand value”. INDIA’S MOST TRUSTED BRAND AWARDS Council will continue to honour and recognize the largest and best brands in the years to come. The group will continue to showcase the brands that are touching and changing the lives of millions of Indians in the country and around the world. INDIA’S MOST TRUSTED BRAND AWARDS provides these winners an opportunity to showcase their achievements, contributions and network. 
As a President of INDIA’S MOST TRUSTED BRAND AWARDS council and a CEO of IBC InfoMedia, Mr. Hemant Kaushik welcomed all the CEO’s, Managing Directors, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors and other senior officers who were there to attend INDIA’S MOST TRUSTED BRAND AWARDS Ceremony. 

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IBC InfoMedia conducted a nationwide physical survey in more than 20 cities of India and an online survey was also conducted with MRG through consumersurveyindia.com from 1st June. 2016 to 10th June. 2016 among more than 120,000 respondents. Based on the responses of the consumers, the brands have been ranked for the awards. 

INDIA’S MOST TRUSTED BRAND AWARDS is a distinctive recognition for a brand recognized as, “MOST TRUSTED” in its industry category based on current year marketing standing. Its evaluation process is based on a nationwide quantitative qualified consumer survey, expert analysis and attributes based qualitative brand research. 

INDIA’S MOST TRUSTED BRAND AWARDS believes that it can provide tremendous service by identifying those which have maintained the highest standards of product integrity and brand development. Obviously, in some cases winners are not necessarily the highest selling brands but those that have worked hard to win consumer trust. 

Mr. Pushpit Gaur (Manager Brand Development) gave a vote of thanks to all the winners on being the INDIA’S MOST TRUSTED BRANDS 2016 and the glittering awards ceremony was hosted by Emcee Sameera Khan, well attended by industry leaders from across businesses and service categories, media celebrities and many other eminent guests. Besides celebrating the new milestones created by brands in India, the event was also one of the finest opportunities to network and interact with the best minds in the country. 

Mr Hemant Kaushik said, we will be organising  ASIA’S MOST TRUSTED BRAND AWARDS 2016 in March 2017 in Bangkok , WORLD’S MOST TRUSTED BRAND AWARDS 2016 in May 2017 at Royal Albert’s Palace, New Jersey, USA and INDIA’S NO. 1 BRAND AWARDS 2017 in June 2017 in Mumbai. In these award functions, we will be honouring India’s & World’s most outstanding 100 Brands with distinguished activity, exceptional qualities and prominent achievements. Final selection of winners will be made on the basis of consumer survey and expert panel assessment. 

For any query, you can contact Ms. Alisha Kapoor via email at contactibcmedia@gmail.com or visit the website www.ibcinfomedia.com

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