International Intellectual Meet ’23 In Mumbai


Mumbai witnessed a Two Day  Event by  PRADHANMANTRI ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT ABHIYAN  and  PREM KUMAR  in bringing Intellectual Personalities on one  Platform with the unanimous aim of following the Dreams and Aspirations of our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi at Y B Chouhan Nariman Point, Churchgate on 19 th and 20 August 2023 from 10. 00 AM To 10. 00 PM

The International Meet Organized by PRADHANMANTRI ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT with IGR PUBLICATIONS and FILMS FRATERNITY FOUNDATION. The two Days Event concluded Cerimoniously in presence of several Dignitaries, Celebrities and Younger Generation of INDIA.

National Spokesperson of Pradhanmantri Aatmanirbhar Bharat Prem Kumar explained the purpose of the Event in brief , “It was the participation of the people of the Country in bringing the Dream of our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji to reality. Though we are celeberating 75 years of INDIAS INDEPENDENCE,  the nine years from 2014 were significance in which our Country has made a Landmark Progress. It was our small attempt in reaching the vision of our Prime Minister to the people at large. The vision of our Prime Minister will always remain the guidelines of our Sanghathan.”

Several renowned personalities attended the Event on 19th and 20th Aug at Y B Chavan Auditorium and expressed their Views and Thoughts in this International Summit.

“Contribution of Mr Prem Kumar is noteworthy ”  Dr Manju Lodha.

The Chairperson of Lodha Foundation Dr Manju Lodha said that she has initiated several programmes and events to further and strengthen the Women Empowerment in the Society. “We have implemented several schemes to make them self reliant and  self sustainable  in the Society” she said.

She mesmerized all the participants in the event by her inspiring speech in which she named all women of the Nation who have paved their names in the History of India  by sheer hard work and dedication this kept all the participants spellbound as they realized that the INDIAN WOMEN has not spared a single field where she has not carved her achievement. She appreciated the fact that it is difficult to execute such a challenging intellectual event in any city so amicably. She said, “I Bless my brother, Prem Kumar for his herculian task for organizing this event in support of our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji in surging INDIA to the Worlds Strongest Economy”.  She recollected their Event organized at Mahalakshami Race Course , few years ago which featured Lata Mangeshkar and the  than  Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modiji where all had visualized that Narendra Modiji would be “the future of INDIA ” who will lead the party to the “Mahasatta ” and today it is the undisputed fact, we are already there.

“I truely appreciate and applaud the efforts of Shri Prem Kumar ”  Dr Rizwan Adatia, Chairperson of COGEF GROUP, AFRICA.

He said “Modiji has given him opportunity to meet Him several times. I am also committed to Modi jis ideology and dream. INDIA is marching ahead, he said.

I know Mr Prem Kumar for several years, he is committed to his work”. Mr Rizwan Adatia has given employment to almost 3500 workers all over the World, his Foundation has successfully executed several social events in INDIA for the common man emphasizing on their self sufficiency.

The Chairperson of Commission for Women Haryana, Ms Renu Bhatia did the honors of inauguration by lighting the lamp. She conveyed her life story, struggle her belief and her journey from Lone Ranger to the Chairperson of “Hariyana State commission for women”  via a successful model, a National News Reader and a successful fighter who carved her own path to success dispite of umpteen hindrances and discouragements from all quarters.

What others said  Supreme Court Lawyer, Mr Puneet Chaturvedi emphasised on the importance of Law, its use and the Constructive changes and reforms brought by the Central Government from time to time. He gave a indepth information on the issue.

Director General Maharashtra Special Force Shri Krishna Prakash also graced the Event with his presence and powerful speech. He said that now is the time for 140 crore people of our Country to show Solidarity and stand by our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji and bring His Dream of Atmanirbhar Bharat to reality. He expressed his happiness on Mr  Prem Kumar being appointed National Spokesperson of the Sanghathan. He said, he knows Prem Kumar for number of years, his Oratory and literature  competency will now get due justice and a deserved place.

Mr Akhilesh Duby, the Core Member of the Pradhanmantri Atmanirbhar Bharat  who flew specially from Ayodhya for the Event also spoke on  the ocassion. “Mr. Prem Kumar is our guiding force of the Sanghathan and we are with him with heart and Soul to realize the Dream of our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji of making  Self relient and Self Sufficient India.

Dr Datanand Tiwari also expressed his views on the glorious ocassion. He said Prem Kumar has connectivity with the Grass root level and knows the pulse of the younger generation. I know him for years, I have seen his journey with my own eyes. I wholeheartedly appreciate his efforts in his work at National Level. I am personally confident  that he will leave no stone unturned in bringing the Dreams of our Prime Minister to reality. I am extrely happy that his efforts of years are recognized today in real sense. His event in Delhi was well attended including the Ambassador of Denmark who spoke about the Country of INDIA and our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji in High Esteem. Now today in Mumbai this is another attempt of joining hands with the younger generation of our Country . This Event is a platform of give and take of ideas and views of how we will contribute our efforts in realizing the Dream of our Prime Minister and the Country of INDIA. PRADHANMANTRI ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT will spread the network of their Connectivity all over INDIA. I wish them all luck for their future Endeavors.

Aminent Actor Dan Singh Rajput applauded  Mr Prem Kumar for his efforts of bringing intellectuals from our Country and overseas on one platform. He said Prem Kumar was his student in acting, today he has a wider affiliation towards the Nation  and he is making use of his talent in connecting the younger generation of the Country with the Dream and aspirations of our Prime Minister  Today, we require knowledge and learned Speakers who can sail the Indian youth to their destination. Our Country is rich in Culture and Traditions but the younger need to be enlightened, I am sure Prem Kumar can successfully execute this Herculian task as He is a Master in Literature and has studied Politics, Acadamically. His knowledge and expertise will be put to the right use in a wider perspective.  I Salute his love for the Nation. Mr. Dan Singh Rajput said such events should be held in other parts of tge Country too.

Dr KarunaShankar Upadhyay International writer and defence expert applauded the Countrys strategic strength. He said the current Government has made our Country self Reliant and self sustained in the field of Defence. This was possible only because of our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji. Removal of Article 370 speaks volumes of His Personality. Thats the reason even a Child in INDIA says, Modi hai to mumkin hai.

Bhabha Nuclear Power Plant  Scientist Dr Avdhesh Narayan Varma explained to the Guests how our Country is progressing  in the field of Science and Technology and how we are marching towards self relience in time to come. Our Chandrayan 3 will set a landmark tomorrow to the entire World when we succeed in our Mission and the Dream set forth by our Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji. 

Vinod Dube set the patriotic wave amongst the participants by singing Patriotic Songs

Mr Yogesh Sahu, Dr Raj Varma, Smart Prime Technique Founder Mr Samrat expressed their views and opinions on the Event.

Event was concluded by International Poet Mr Obaid Azam Azam along with many poets and poetess who recited their best for the nation.

Mr Arun Sinha who has employed more than 1000 youths was honoured with Bhartiya Udyam Ratna Award. Dr Vikram Bhatia, Mr Amit Gundeja, Abhishek Sahay, Dr Prasla, Kasam Bhai Saleh, Rajesh Shrivastav, Munib Chaurasia, Priyanka Jain, Renu Yadav,  Namita Pandey, Muskan Khatra, Poonam Vishwakarma, Qumar Siddiqui, Veena Bhatija, Dr Pankaj Soni, Kamlesh Ram, Dharmendra Upadhyay also participated in the Event.

It was important  to note that our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji has referred the work of Mr Gaurav Khurana who initiated the steps of Self Reliant and Self Sufficient Indian Villages and his initiative was applauded by our Prime Minister Himself.

Supreme Court Lawyer Mr Vinay Dube expressed his views that Events like Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan can contribute towards self sufficiency of our Country considerably.

Cinema Connects India with the World and plays pivotal role in connecting the Global Population with INDIA. Actress Nisha Parulekar Hemal Parekh, Mrs India Universe Anuja Jhaveri , Ajit Dube and many other participants expressed their views about the responsibility of Actors in boosting Indias image.

The Organizers of the Event Dr Mukesh Sharma, Ram kumar Pal, Arun Lal, Kapil Varma, Subodh Nemlekar,  Ajay Sharma, Manoj Kumar Singh, Surendra Das, Vipin Gupta, Junior Johny Ramesh Kumar, Dr Pandya, Shashikant Deshpande, Kripa Shah, Rajesh Tak, Bholanath Chaudhari, Suraj Yadav, Vishal Bhagat, Pankaj Pal supported the Event with all their efforts.

The Event was Host by Poet and Anchor Shashi Pandey and Mr Puneet Bareja.

IGR Publication Founder & CEO Arunlal expressed the vote of thanks to all the participants of the Event.

International Intellectual  Meet ’23  In Mumbai

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