Singer Munawwar Ali rendered the first song for Aliza Films’ family social,suspense,thriller titled KHULKAR PYAAR KARENGE on 27th August at A.B. Sounds. The other three songs were rendered by Zubeen Sinha,Aavya Dube,Jolly Das and Saloni. Lyrics: Sani Aslam and Roshan Ujani. Music: Raja Ali. Among the guests who came to grace the launch were Business executie Shyam Chhatwal and  the entire cast and the crew of the film.

The film is being produced by Razzab Ali Khan who also will be introduced in the male lead alongwith Upendra in a parallel leas. Aryan Vaid,Shakti Kapoor,Mohan Joshi and Raza Murad are also playing major roles in the film which will introduce two new heroines Dhaara Jani and Amrita in the female leads. The film is directed by Sandeep Kumar..Dances: Raju-Shabana. Action: Riyas-Yusuf.

The film will go on the fl;oors on September 5 with a start to finish shooting stint in Mumbai and other locales in and around Maharashtra. The film is being readied for November-December release this year.

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The film is a different family drama of a husband and wife(Newfind Amrita) where the husband,played by Upendra becomes a top film star and has a roving eye. He also drinks and one day in a drunken state has an affair with his maid-servant Tara Bai (Dhara Jani). This leads to lots of misunderstanding with Upendra’s wife and also Upendragets stuck in a legal case . On the other hand Tara Bai is also asking a huge compensation amount. Entersa family friend  (Razzab Ali) who tries to pacify both the husband and wife and what happens later forms the crux of the story. Then there is a powerful Lawyer,played by Aryan Vaid and the Public prosecuter ,played by Raza Murad. Raja Ali who has given me a hit musical score in my previous film AAKHRI SAUDA has once given very peppy numbers and one of them is an item number which will filmed on Dhara Jani and Upendra which will be a seductive one. I am making a complete entertainer for the masses mainly.I am starting a non-stop shooting stint on 5th September and will also complete the entire shooting in just 20 days. We will also release the film in November-December all over.

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