Ludo, the fantasy-horror-thriller, by directors Qaushiq Mukherjee (Q) and Nikon, is continuing its dream run at top film festivals across the globe. The latest feather in the cap comes from the Belgrade International Film Festival, Serbia, where Ludo won the Award for Best Film.


Jury of the Frontiers selection consisting of Slobodan Sijan, Dragan Jovicevic and Marko Njegic, conferred the NIN award for Best film to LUDO. They added, “This is the work that goes furthest in its pushing of the frontiers, out of all of the films we’ve seen this year in this selection. LUDO is one of very few films where it’s impossible to anticipate where the story might go next. In this rollercoaster film, whose aesthetics is actually complemented by a visible lack of funds, the director builds the story on the foundation of social drama, topping it off with an extraordinary visual interpretation of the old motifs of Indian epics. On top of that, the author exhibits an extraordinary grasp of the genre, providing an entirely new dimension to the elements of drama and horror in the film, and also a very unique stamp of the Indian film.”


Ludo, is a creation of the crack team at Oddjoint: directors Nikon & Q, and Celine Loop. Ludo is produced and backed by Idyabooster and Starfire Movies, and co-produced by Oddjoint.

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