Mayar Khela : A Musical Extravaganza

Mayar Khela : A Musical Extravaganza

Rabindranath Tagore’s Masterpiece in the form of an Opera for the first time in its unabridged version!

Human emotions are best explored through the eyes of the artist, who carefully captures it on canvas, crafts it in the form of literature, and celebrates it in music. Gurudeb Rabindranath Tagore is the master of all these forms of expression. Mayar Khela is one of the many masterpieces penned by the Maestro. Yet it stands alone by virtue of the richness of it’s songs, the interconnecting musical interludes, and particularly,  in the elaborate representation of the basic human emotion called LOVE.

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Mohor Entertainment LLP is delighted to announce Mayar Khela which is scheduled for 10th December 2016 in Mumbai. The musical extravaganza deals with the confused heart that stutters and stumbles on its way to the realization of it’s dream. It showcases the pain of rejection, the anxiety of desire, the joy of acceptance, displaying along the way, a brilliant evolution of the characters who transform and often elevate themselves, to the sheer awe of the audience.

Literary and aesthetic beauty are not the only points that will be highlighted in this representation of the drama.  It is about to take a gigantic step forward from the time it was first staged in 1888. This is the first time  that Mayar Khela will be performed in it’s entirety, without any cuts at all.  It has taken nearly five years of meticulous effort with the script and the music to make this dream a reality. The vision of this performance will not be limited to the literal representation of the songs and script.  In fact, for the very first time, this Tagore Dance Drama will be interpreted in the form of an Opera, with multilayered stage and dance sequences that have incorporated a perfect blend of Indian Classical and Western Contemporary forms.

Details of the event as below –

When    –    Saturday, 10th December, 2016

Where   –    St. Andrews Auditorium, Bandra West, Mumbai

Time      –    5.30 pm onwards (Duration – 3 Hrs. 30 Mins.)

Entry     –    Book your tickets :

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