On The Seventh Heaven

It was a star studded audience that was watching the Comedy Hindi Play ‘Hello Darling’, where Sonu Nigam was laughing away throughout the show along with bua Upasana Singh, Vikas Bhalla , Jayshree Soni and all could hear when Archana Puran Singh laughed from the start till the end. The compliments from Sonu Nigam have left Vindu humbled as he said he knew Vindu since years but never expected him to deliver such an excellent live performance nor did he expect the play to be such a laugh riot.

onthe seven heaven

He promised to come again and see it once more. Archana Puran singh made the actors even happier by saying this was one of the most funny plays she has seen in her entire life and told them she has seen plays all over the world so it meant a huge deal .She congratulated Sheeba , Payal, Vibha and Manish as they were excellent and Vindu Dara Singh got a special hug as she told him he had bought the house down with a lovable performance par excellence. Upasana Singh too said the play was beyond expectations and everyone should watch it for sure.

———–Sanjay Sharma Raj(P.R.O.)

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