Rohit Pathak promoting fitness Mantra to all his fans

Bollywood films are bursting with bright colors and intricate dance numbers, with the infectious charisma of Bollywood’s leading actors resulting in iconic performances. It is no surprise that Indian cinematography is recognized world-wide, with fans tuning in to blockbusters on every continent. These Bollywood actors are not only leading men in the movies, but also focus on their fitness, setting a great example to fans. Many high profile Bollywood heartthrobs like Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan have made their name by getting fit and they are at the forefront of a health and fitness movement that is resonating not only in India, but to their fans throughout the world. Actor Rohit Pathak, Who recently got trend in Martial Art, is all set to promote fitness mantra.

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The actor who is currently wrap up a shooting of phantom production starring Radhika Apte and himself was spotted running on Aksa Beach, Madh Island .  He motivates everyone to be healthier, fitter and more balanced.

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Rohit Pathak Said, “I have always been into hardcore fitness activities and I want children and youth of this country to develop the healthiest body for a positive living. Not only will it help the traffic congestion, but will also do our body a whole lot of good.”

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