Saddam Husain Young And Handsome Artist

Young And Handsome Artist, Saddam Husain has pleasing Personality, Pleasing Nature And Above All The Passion For Doing Something Big In Bollywood. He has Recently Bagged An Assignment Of Playing A Key Role In Producer  Rajeev Dutta’s CITY LIFE  it is a  Way 2 Fame Presentation.

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Born on 23rd August 1990  in Dehradun, Saddam Husain has been educated and brought up in Dehradun. From the very beginning he had been very interested in watching movies. Being the ardent fan of Salman Khan and Kajol, he has seen almost all of their starrers. He had- made up his mind to join Bollywood one day.

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This is why he did not care for higher education. Instead he joined Local Acting And Dancing  Institute and completed 6 month acting course. In the meanwhile, to make his both ends meet, he started to devote some time in the profession  Of Marketing & Sales.  He became quite powerful in Marketing Sector. Now he was able to do struggle for his dream career of Film Acting.

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The very first time he faced camera for the audition of CITY LIFE Hindi feature film. This audition helped him to become very hopeful about his career. Now, he ready to accept changeling roles whether it is negative character role also.

He Can be contacted directly on his mobile no.09536350806 or thru Rajeev Dutta on mobile no. 9892378997

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