Shekhar Suman to host Brands Impact’s Success Stories – Zameen se Falak Tak – Season 1 on Zee Business.

Delhi based Brands Impact, one of the top branding agencies in India, has announced the launch of its unique TV Series, “Success Stories – Zameen se Falak Tak” – Season 1 hosted by Shekhar Suman, one of India’s legendary actors, and a pioneer who made TV popular with his several successful shows and wowed a whole generation. The show is to be presented by Brands Impact and aired every Sunday on the popular national channel, Zee Business, starting 1st January, 2017.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Amol Monga, Director, Brands Impact, said, “We have grown up seeing the interviews and life journeys of film celebrities, politicians and cricketers. This show is an endeavour to share the stories of some the most “extraordinary ordinary” men who left no stones unturned against all odds and impediments to achieve enviable success.”

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The 13 week long series will showcase the untold stories of 13 individuals including Pahlaj Nihalani, Chairman, Central Board of  Film Certification, and Sonu Sood, Indian film actor, whose journey from a small town boy to Hollywood is as fascinating as it is inspiring. The stories of several entrepreneurs will also be showcased on this unique platform that will be hosted by Shekhar Suman, who is not only a highly acclaimed actor himself but also one of the very few professional hosts who can bring alive any conversation and make the participants open up like none other.

The man for all seasons… the multi-talented Shekhar Suman  has interviewed the first 13 deserving individuals in his inimitable style that makes for a very compelling viewing in the first edition of the much awaited “Success Stories – Zameen se Falak Tak”.

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Interestingly, Shekhar will be seen, perhaps for the first time in a bearded avatar on this show. When asked for the reason for the change? He said in his characteristic demeanour – “Life is too short to have the same of anything.. it becomes monotonous and boring.. life is all about experimenting and exploring the unknown. Change is the only constant.”

The show is the brainchild of dynamic and young entrepreneur, Mr. Amol Monga, a branding and events professional who has already made his presence felt through his venture Brands Impact and a series of highly successful and internationally acclaimed events including the International Quality Awards.

For this TV Show, Brands Impact, has joined hands with Water Entertainment, a well known production house of Mumbai and the show has been directed by Mr.Varun Middha. The series promises to unveil The Grand Tales of Success of some of the UNSUNG REAL HEROES who, through their sheer hard work, diligence and determination, have achieved the impossible in their respective fields.

“This show is an attempt to honour and celebrate prominent and successful people from all walks of life, all of whom had an inspiring and humbling story to tell. It is our privilege and honour to unravel their stories to the world, so that others can take inspiration and cue from these real life heroes and learn to make their lives better and more beautiful,” added Ms. Ankita Singh, Vice President – Brands Impact.

The associate sponsors of the show include Sampatti Trading & Developers Ltd, Pushti Group & The Fashion partner is Absoluto and the Outdoor Media Partner is Global Advertisers

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