SHORTCUT SAFAARI trails through BNHS with city kids‏

Cinematographer turned Director Amitabha Singh, organized a fun trip for children from Nehru Nagar public school, Kanjur Marg East to explore Mumbai’s very own biodiversity and natural environment. Amitabha directed SHORTCUT SAFAARI with a view to reconnect children with their roots and showcasing the natural world amidst the humdrum and chaos of daily city life.

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SHORTCUT SAFAARI has made its presence felt over various National and International children’s film festivals across the country and now the film has embarked upon a new journey to connect as many children as possible to nature through various innovative activities and screenings. With SHORTCUT SAFAARI, Amitabha consolidates his position in the children’s film category. He has earlier helmed the camera for CHILLAR PARTY, KHOSLA KA GHOSLA and India’s Oscar entry in 2014- THE GOOD ROAD.

Talking about the event, Amitabha Said, “The core message underlying the film is balance, trust, friendship, mutual respect, teamwork and gender parity. Without sounding preachy, I wanted to acquaint children with a value system which will help them go a long way. In fact, if you look at Jataka tales or folklore, they are beautiful stories and you would always remember the moral of the story. Similarly through my film I would want children to take away a few leanings.”

Singh added, “The Natural World is trying to speak to the manufactured world all the time but somehow, we seem to miss that call almost always. The result is quite evident, global warming, sea level rising, you see the season change getting erratic. Nature has started revolting in this own little way. I read a report in a magazine that twenty years from now Mumbai will be under water. We should really take cognizance of these little signs that nature is leaving for us and resort to course correction.”

The children enjoyed the nature trail and were almost surprised that a forest existed within the city limits of Mumbai.  City kids were joined by bloggers and social media influencers to experience a real nature trail. Topics on the surrounding flora and fauna were discussed alongside a tree adoption plan.

With the inclusion of bloggers and influencers, the makers of Shortcut Safaari are committed to reach out to as many urban children as possible and conduct short trips filled with activities that would connect them with the natural world outside their televisions and play stations.

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