Singer Swati Sharrma with her Emotion trance

A Bollywood movie is almost incomplete without a song. The music of a movie makes people hum along and dance to its tunes. Numerous Bollywood songs connect on an emotional level. The lyrics of some Bollywood songs bring tears. Sad songs do bring memories. Bollywood sad songs are all about pain, heartbreak, heartache do have a cult following. Lyrics and music in sad songs evoke a gush of emotion. Old sad songs from Bollywood movies are hugely popular even today. Lyrics speak a language that connects with the heart. Situational songs that evoke painful memories are beautifully enacted in scenes by actors and actresses in movies. Recently ‘Banno Tera Swagger” fame Swati Sharrma has sung a Melodic sad song with her soulful voice in “Direct Ishq” song “Toote Tare”. Swati will get you the teary-eyed when she brings varied emotions in her song. ” Toote Tare” song is picturised on Rajneesh Duggal,  Nidhi Subbaiah and  Arjun Bijlani  where they will be seen depicting their emotions.

Swati Sharrma1 Swati Sharrma

Swati Sharrma said, ” When we talk about sad songs from Bollywood movies, what comes to mind is a broad spectrum of situations. Heartache, heartbreak, pain, sorrow, guilt, jilt, broken relationships are some among the various elements that encompass sad songs. A reason why emotional songs connect with listeners instantaneously is… the depth of lyrics. My song associates with memories, good memories and unpleasant memories. It relates to personal experiences in life and that hits the right notes with listeners”.

The various emotions which Swati has portrayed in the song bring about a sense of warmth that embalms the heart and mind. “While sad songs may flashback unpleasant memories, one cannot deny the fact that sad songs or songs about suffering and pain do calm senses and make you emotionally stronger”, Swati added.

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