Soni Saxena A New Actress For Films

Soni Saxena A New Actress The Young Girl With Fascinating Face, Fabulous Figure And Flourishing Future.  Now After Doing Some Important Assignments, she has been selected for Rajeev Dutta’s CITY LIFE.

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The brave, bold and beautiful Soni Saxena, who had faced the camera, very early when she entered Mumbai and had performed in an her debut  Bhojpuri album by Girgesh Gorakhpuri –MAAL NET PER MILAL, she is very thankful for him to give proper break and made her way to enter  filmdom. Born and brought up at UP where she did her Inter college studies, came to Mumbai just two years back.

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The young girl with fascinating face, fabulous figure and flourishing future, Soni Saxena, has played the leading role in the more  than 20 albums. She loves dancing and watching movies as her pastime which now has become her profession. She has distinction of getting Awards and Certificates on her school annual functions and college functions.

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She has high regards for Juhi Chawal whom she consider as her Idol. She is ready to accept challenging roles  in any Hindi, Bhojpuri or any other regional languages for albums, Films or even Add Modelling.

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She can be contact thru Rajeev Dutta Way 2 for any TV Serial / Album/ Film roles on mobile No. 9892378997.

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