Sweta Parekh Designs Mesmerizes at India Fashion Week London 2017.

Sweta Parekh who launched design studio in 2007 presented her  “Pattachitra” styled dresses with Peacock’s feather designs at India Fashion Week London.

While talking about the designs she said “I have been working on this Pattachitra work for the last six years, also she expressed her desire to showcase the traditional textile art of Odisha to a wider audience and increase its popularity, as, according to her, it does not get the same attention as other traditional weaves whilst being “just as beautiful”

Bollywood actress Prachi Desai wore Sweta’s design at India Fashion Week London 2017.

Desai said: “It’s been an incredible honour being in London to present the best of Indian design and culture to a diverse audience… I really enjoyed walking the ramp for Illamasqua India Fashion Week London at the National Asian Wedding Show and interacting with the community in Britain and London.” Desai went on to say: “It’s also incredible to see Indian designs and fashion being presented with such grandeur on a global platform, and it is only befitting that it is [in] London.”

The Founder of the National Asian Wedding Show, Manny Singh, also spoke about the event and said: “This was our first time at Olympia London, and we had a fantastic experience in putting together the best of Asian wedding fashion to the global audience in London.”

——–PR – Ankita S

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