Tangerine’s cozy quilts and Winter Naps – The Perfect Rendezvous!

Mumbai, December 20, 2016: Winters are gradually crawling in, arousing our innate wish for a cozy siesta during any time of the day or night. While this rendezvous is utterly desirable, it is unimaginable without a warm, soft comforter! Tangerine, the designer brand in Home Décor Segment, this wintry weather, brings an array of squashy beddings and comforters to enable an absolutely satisfying tryst with your forty winks. Creating a soothing experience, Tangerine’s collection of super comfortable, cotton single and double comforters are perfect for a retreat at the end of the day.

In this season of 2016, quilts and comforters from the gorgeous Tangerine collections of Aquacado and Scarlet Sunset are up and running. While Aquacado Collection primarily reintroduces us to the invigorating, serene nature just after the first spell of rains, it enlivens the soaked leaves, damp earth, cool breeze, chilled water droplets and the stimulating petrichor, through vivid prints and patterns on the soft furnishings. The Aquacado Array is youthful, energizing, artistic and certainly a treat for nature lovers. Stunning shades of Green, creamy succulent shades in Teal, Aqua, Lime and Avocado Green makes a dramatic range of bed linen drenched in a fresh, jolly mood. The White Lenin put up with willowy, green stripes and slight, floral designs makes for a perfect furnishing for calming our souls and wrapping up to snuggle in it.

tangerine_quilts-01 tangerine_quilts-02

The Scarlet Sunset collection is another assortment that is shinning high in glory. Redefining rich textures of Tangelo, Amber, Vermillion, Burnt Orange, SAE Amber, Mahogany, Buff Yellow and Fire Brick Red, the colors perfectly sync with gloomy days of the chilly season. Playful combinations of wavy and straight stripes, vivid maple and ash leaf prints, abundant floral patterns and outsized features of concentric circles in varying hues create an exemplary compilation of artistic, soft furnishings. Comforters from this chic collection replicate passion, yearn and a strong sense of royal persona.

Infused with 100% Cotton on the outer of the fabric and microfiber filler with a protective med-shield layer, Tangerine comforters, bed linen, duvet covers, pillow and cushion covers are color stories inspired by nature and its beauty. Redefining the culture of tints and hues with contemporary prints, Tangerine is the new age brand with superlative quality and outstanding trends. The quilts and comforters collection has dual benefits. Each side of the coverlet is adorned in different print, pattern and colors so they can be reversed to create a whole new look. These amazingly, inviting throws can be used either as blankets or bed covers, beddings or as wrappers.

Mr. Rajiv Merchant, Co-Founder, Tangerine says, “Tangerine Collection of Aquacado and Scarlet Sunset add the lost energy and excitement to the dismal days of winter. Vibrant colors and designs are carefully crafted to create comforters and quilts that make the sleeping experience cheerfully soporific. Soul stirring and soothing, Tangerine’s throws and quilts are chic and at par with the global counterparts.”

Tangerine bed linen is available in a range of options with varying sizes, colors, prints and patterns to match with the growing demand of new generations. Tangerine products and furnishings can also be purchased from leading online portals. Visit our website www.mytangerinetree.com or Facebook page, ‘Facebook.com/Mytangerinetree’ for more updates, offers and information.

About Tangerine: From IHV’s stable comes the introduction of the new age concept of Home Makeover in the form of Tangerine, premium lifestyle brand of home solution in 2014. Tangerine’s innovative and superior quality products coupled with innovative signature collections have contributed to the success of the brand in India. With the knowledge of Indian consumer behavior and current market trends, Tangerine brings a total coordinate solution for home and accessories. Tangerine is available in leading specialty stores, departmental stores, online stores and mom and pop furnishing stores across the country. For further information, please visit the http://www.mytangerinetree.com/, facebook.com/mytangerinetree, http://www.mytangerinetree.com/blog/.

About Indian Home Variations: Indian Home Variation (IHV), a brand marketing and distribution business in Premium House-ware Segment since 2009. IHV’s main objective is making Indian homes more stylish and to cater the needs of the modern consumer by offering them internationally acclaimed, premium design-centric home décor solutions. Co-Founder and CEO, Indian Home Variations, Mr. Rajiv Merchant embarked on a journey into home décor offering and design solutions. He brings entrepreneurship, business connections and value chain management to Indian Home Variations.

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