The Gangs Of Samastipur Films Editing Work In Full swing

The action oriented film The Gangs Of Samastipur has  completed shooting and have come To Mumbai for post production activities, Editing Dubbing, Poster Designing all post production work is in full progress for an very early release. Th film has many melodious songs, action scenes and drama.  Thi Film stars Rakesh K. Chaudhary, Anand Dev Mishra, Priya Rajput, Komal Mishra, Ali Khan and others.

gangs gangs1

rakesh-k-chaudhary-8 rakesh-k-chaudhary-5

rakesh-k-chaudhary-9 rakesh-k-chaudhary-11

rakesh-k-chaudhary-12 rakesh-k-chaudhary-3

rakesh-k-chaudhary-22rakesh-k-chaudhary-13 rakesh-k-chaudhary-15 rakesh-k-chaudhary-19

rakesh-k-chaudhary-23 rakesh-k-chaudhary-20

This Film Is being made under the banner of Rajnandani Film Entertainment, and being Produced by Rakesh K. Chaudhary, Written & Directed by Vinod Masih, Music by Chandan Vikash, Lyrics R. V. Paswan, D.O.P. D. Bhawna –P. Mishra,Editor Nakul Prasad, Dance: Kedar Subba – Rajesh Sharma, Fights by Premji,  Production. DhirajK. Pandey.

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