The MOTHER of All Surprises in the Ranveer Ching Returns Saga..

MUMBAI, 16th August, 2016: As Ranveer Ching Returns to a mind blowing 3 million plus views on the trailer, there’s some more hot stuff coming your way from this film..

When we thought we had seen it all in the action packed trailer of the Rohit Shetty- Ranveer Singh masaledar BLOCKBUSTER- Ranveer Ching Returns, a little birdie has let us in on a BIG secret!! It turns out that apart from Ranveer and Tamannaah’s characters there is another character called ‘Maa Ching’, who plays Ranveer Ching’s mother in the film.

Says a source on condition of anonymity, “It’s a massive surprise planned for the audience. Maa Ching is a pivotal character in this story that brings a big twist in the tale. It is being played by a very well known, much loved, BIG star who will take you by surprise. Wait and watch, you won’t be disappointed!!”

When contacted, the spokesperson of the film’s presenter Capital Foods, had this to say, “Everything we’ve done on Ching’s has been innovative – be it the product itself, its brand ambassador or its communication right down to this latest Ranveer Rohit Shetty blockbuster. The food category has been weighed down with the stereotypical mummy cooking up a quick meal for hungry kids – so even when we did that, we wanted to give it a hatke take. So wait & watch for the mother of all surprises that sets up another really exciting character in the Ching’s universe to take the brand story forward!”

With a spicy, juicy film ahead in the backdrop of a post apocalyptic world, we are super keen to find out what this Maa Ching will do in the film.


Capital Foods presents Rohit Shetty’s RANVEER CHING RETURNS; releasing on 19th AUGUST’16. watch the Trailer

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