TOTA MAINA KI KAHANI, A ‘viral’ family comedy play invites you for a roller coaster ride‏

Get this viral fever and we guarantee you won’t let it go. Upcoming Hindi Play TOTA MAINA KI KAHANI starring DDLJ fame Himani Shivpuri, HUM SAATH SAATH HAIN fame Mahesh Thakur and DEKH BHAI DEKH fameLiliput guarantees doses of romance, family drama and comedy… all in one.

Naisargi Multimedia in association with ISL Gujarat presents TOTA MAINA KI KAHANI that has unstoppable laughter, soothing music, rich and glorifying production values, and innumerable clap lines. Power packed performances with crafty direction makes this play a unique out of the box complete family entertainer.


Synopsis: Gaurav (Gaurav Singh) and Kajal (Kaajal Vashisht) are one of those filmy couples who fell in love at first sight. They marry but did not take much time to become ‘Tom’ and ‘Jerry’. Champak Chacha (Liliput) is the neighbor and a father figure for Kajal and Gaurav. He is sweet, jovial and full of life. At times he is troublesome for Gaurav because he knows about their troubles in marriage.

A phone call to Gaurav adds to his agony when he comes to know that his mom-in-law is coming home to stay. Here start the twists and turns where our tota and maina have to pretend all is good in front of Manorama (Himani Shivpuri). But Champak Chacha also changes his outlook when he finds an impressive personality in Manorama. His shayarana side suddenly pops up

Then there is Gaurav’s father (Mahesh Thakur) and his assistant lawyer (Jay Chaubey) who add to the comedy. The roller coaster ride begins with hilarious situations when Satyaprakash (Mahesh Thakur) wants to add the 500th divorce case to his career and his own assistant is now his opponent!

What will be Manorama’s reaction when she learns about Kajal and Gaurav? How has Satyaprakash affected her? What will happen to Gaurav’s and Kajal’s marriage? What will the elders decide?

Come watch the fun.

Premiere Show :
Sunday, 6th March; 7:45 pm at St Andrews auditorium, Bandra

Cast: Himani Shivpuri, Mahesh Thakur, Gaurav Singh, Kaajal Vashisht, Jay Chaubey & Lilliput
Producer: Sachin Parikh, Munjal Yagnesh Dave
Director: Tushar Joshi
Writer: Sanjay Jha

Author: admin