V. MENON – Keen in providing entertainment along with MESSAGE

Horror films are delight to watch, provided the script and direction are up to the mark and the freshner  V. V. Menon is one such filmmaker who has come up with a horror film titled Haunted Villa Lonavala, being based on real life incident.

Menon has always passion for making movies and in order to materialized his dream, consequently, he did a course in film direction and after a lot of hard work, ultimately achieved his goal. Haunted Villa Lonavala is Menon’s debut movie, being based on female foeticide, having horror element with a message about how women’s should be respected and adored.

There are only two numbers in the movie which goes well with the theme, set to tune by Dharmendra Badori.  The film  cast is basically from  theatres and there is an artist called Roopa who is a choreographer too .

For a debut filmmaker it is very difficult to handle both the departments of production and direction simultaneously, so did you handle it? Naturally, the  job of first time producer is very tough as he/she has to envisage in each and every section carefully and if one is also directing the  film, then the burden doubles as there is lot of technical part involved in the same, answered Menon’.

Haunted Villa Lonavala has horror concept, but it is a family oriented movie, sans any vulgarity. The movie is focused with a message to save women and stop crime which has become the order of the day. According to Menon, even today in remote area of villages, people have a wrong notion  that a son is capable for looking parents which is absolutely rubbish. Today a women can do anything and everything, compared to man.

‘At present releasing an average or low budget film has become pose-poser? I don’t agree. If the film has a powerful storyline then it doesn’t matter if the budget of the movie is 1 cr or 50 cr, Menon replied’. Menon believes that realistic films always leaves an impact giving examples of Dangal and Sultan. The film is censored with an A certificate.

To get more information or know details about the movie one  may contact Mr. V. V. Menon on  9823190565.

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