We need justice not controversy  on the “TAJ MAHAL” based film – Director Deepak Saraswat


The Taj mahal which is known as the world’s biggest Wonder, often has been a source of attraction for the foreigners and tourist, but very few people know that Taj Mahal is not a tomb of a  Mughal empress/queen but a Hindu temple of lord Shiva- This is what the writer and director
Deepak Saraswat, who is often surrounded by controversy wants to covey. There are a lot of cases which are pending in various courts.

This controversy is stuck in the supreme  court also. Hindu religious experts claimThe Taj mahal to be a shiva temple, whereas history
states the extraordinary love story of a mughal queen and an emperor.
The director  Deepak saraswat intends to throw light on all these facts in his film “Tajo Mahalay”.


Tajo mahalay film will soon be in front of the people. Its a documentary film which has been written and made into a film after a research of many years by Deepak saraswat.

tajmahal-2 tajmahal-3

The characters of the film are yet to be finalized because its a very inflammable subject,  so the director wants to shoot the film silently.
Talking to a local newspaper, the director  said that he does not intend to hurt the religious feelings of any community but wants to  reveal the truth which has been kept far from the people. The director wants to unfold the true face of history by showing various facts and proofs on the screen. Hopefully the director  is able to bring this story in front of the people without a controversy like the Babri masjid  again.
There is a possibility of releasing this film  by December.

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