“Yoga-A way to achieve peaceful mind”- Shweta Rathore

Mumbai.Shweta Rathore, who was the first Indian woman to win the silver medal in Asian Bodybuilding & Physique Championship in 2015 in the sports physique category, now she is preparing to participate in the Asian Championship competition in Bhutan, World Body Building and Physique Championship in August and world championship in December. Shweta is also doing yoga and meditation. June 21st is the International Yoga Day.

On the occasion of International Yoga Day Shweta Rathore says, “In today’s monotonous and hectic life it is very difficult to follow a healthy lifestyle but, through yoga, we can maintain a balance between our mind and body keeping it healthy. Moreover, it does not cost us anything; you can practice it at your home. All you need is a little time for yourself because health is wealth. So today, on the International Yoga Day I appeal to everyone that you should spend some time with yourself by doing yoga and meditation.”

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When asked about her preparation to win the body building and physique championship, Shweta Rathore says, “Practicing yoga and doing meditation on a regular basis are parts of my preparation. I firmly believe that yoga keeps the body strong and flexible. It is way to overcome various physical and mental sufferings. Many diseases can be prevented and cured with the help of yoga. In order to achieve a peaceful mind and good health it should be used in daily life.”

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