Priyanka Raina Directs a Series of Short films.

Priyanka Raina who earlier Directed ZINDAGI featuring Miss India | Bollywood Actress Sahila Chaddha , Now coming up with Series of Short Films in the pipeline where many fresh Talents are Introduced.


Recently She Directed Cold Drinks is Injurious to Health which was cleared by Censors too giving U Certificate. The Movie Features Whistling Wood International Pass outs Navjot Singh & Abhishek Bajaj. It is Produced by Tapish Joshi & Music by Navin Jawdaa. Cold Drinks is Injurious to Health  is likely to Release in PVR

As we say “Cold Drinks is Injurious to Health” There are so many cases to justify the title. Remember in early 80s when Leap of Cold Drinks started , Super AMITABH BACHCHAN drank immensely & due to which he had to fight for his life During COOLIE incident. After operation , Amiatbh Bachchan till Date , Didn’t took a Sip of Cold Drink.

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Well There are so many examples , that my relatives who earlier  use to come . We use to order Cold Drinks because they love it. Now when they came , Told “No Cold Drinks from now . we have stopped because got a Stone in stomach”

But Answer leaves behind , how to justify your Thirst then. Well on this Director Priyanka Raina says, “There are so many options, Drink Coconut water, Lassi , Chaas, Juice, Water which are healthy. Why spoiling your health by intake of COLD DRINKS”
Further Priyanka Raina has Directed one Romantic Comedy *ing Yash Khandelwal and Gayatri & one on Castting Couch *ing Gautam Bhatia and Charu Sharma – which I think is happening with the amount of Strugglers , How they are molested by the name of Auditions.

THREE SHORT FILMS will be LIVE on 1st  july on YOU TUBE, after screening the first look to MEDIA, followed by Party !

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